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How to Download Instagram Videos on Android

How to Download Instagram Videos on Android

Instagram is one of the most popular apps used by a great number of both Android and iOS users. It is fully rich with advanced features and is constantly being updated with new improvements. But unfortunately, Instagram users are still looking for the answer of how to download Instagram videos on Android.

There is not a single authorized method in the app that explains how to download Instagram videos on Android. This is the main reason behind wandering of the people to find the solution of video downloading from Instagram. Instagram does not provide you an option to download or save video right from their page. It is because of copyright and distributing issues.

How to download Instagram videos on Android is the key factor for making different apps that allow the user to download images and videos on their Android devices. You can also download and save videos by using online methods available on the internet for free. All these methods are called third-party sources. Users of Instagram find it difficult to use other third-party apps for downloading images and videos on Android devices. But it will be convenient if Instagram itself had this feature for the users who are searching for ways of how to download Instagram videos on Android. Maybe one day Instagram add downloading feature in the app which enables the users to download videos and images directly from the app.

If you are serious about how to download Instagram videos on Android, then keep on reading.

A Guide for How to download Instagram videos on Android

Video Download for Instagram is a third-party solution for how to download Instagram videos on Android, which is really very helpful for this purpose. On the very first step, you need to go to Google Play for downloading the app.

Once your installation of Video Download for Instagram app is done you have to follow these steps:

  • Search the Instagram video that you want to save on your Android.
  • There are three dots visible on the upper-right corner, tap on them.
  • On the next step, you have to click on the Copy Share URL.

  • Now open Video Downloader for Instagram app.
  • Click on the field “Paste share URL here”
  • And tap on the Paste.
  • You will see a message of “Video saved” once you click on Paste.

That’s the simple solution of how to download Instagram videos on Android. Your video will be saved in your Gallery of the device. Video Downloader for Instagram is also known as InstaDownloader, which enables the user to post that image and video again. A pink icon is available for doing this.

By tapping on the pink icon you will see three options such as; Repost, Download Image, Download Video. You need to just click on the option that you want to proceed.

Most of the people search for the online methods which allow them to download Instagram images and videos on their Android. In the second method, you will see an online approach for how to download Instagram videos on Android. “Downloader4Insta” is a free Instagram downloader which allows the users to download their most favorite images and videos from Instagram freely, without any hang around.

At the first step, you just need to go on your browser and write “Downloader4Insta” there which opens up a web page. At the first look, you will see an address bar located at the top of the page with a line describes to enter Instagram Video URL to download Instagram videos by using the free Instagram Downloader.

How to download Instagram videos on Android by using free Instagram downloader requires nothing more but a URL of the video. You just need to paste the URL of image or video that you want to download from Instagram into the field located at the top of the page. After pasting the URL in the field click on the Download button to start downloading video or image on your Android. At the end of this procedure, your image or video will be saved in your device.

This is also the easiest way to download the videos of Instagram without installing another app in your device. So never bother yourself for downloading Instagram images or videos on your Android device.




Top Ways to Increase the Instagram Followers

Social media is a huge world which has grabbed the attention of millions of users worldwide, multiple social networking sites and apps have been created to keep people updated and connected; Instagram being one of them. Its first impression spreads rapidly as an entertaining app for the younger generation and it also turns into an important content marketing, networking and audience-building tool for everyone. As compare to other sites, it is the most demanding social networking site with 200 million active monthly users sharing 60 million images and generating over 1.6 billion likes per day. In a 2014 Forrester study, the average Instagram engagement rate for brands was impressively 58 times higher than on Facebook.

When you are starting with a dream of your first 10,000 Instagram followers, it must be so exciting to imagine how many followers your Instagram account can get. But the reality is something else, no one knows who you are so why should they follow you? You have to prove yourself as an active influencer and a successful brand.

Yes, Instagram has changed, and it is really not easy to get more and more followers than ever before. But it’s not only you or me having fewer likes. It’s everyone! In order to boost your followers, you need to have fresh and trendy tricks. But don’t worry it is possible if you check out these eyes catching ideas for gaining Instagram followers.

join Instagram Engagement Groups

This approach works great for the beginners who are just starting to learn the best ways to increase followers on Instagram. Have you ever seen any newbie boosting followers quickly? The secret is they joined engagement groups. Many engagement groups can be found such as beauty, fashion, cooking, and travel or according to your specific niche. It can be more enticing to be a part of the largest groups so that you can easily get the more targeted list of followers and likes from people who have shared interests. It may not help with immediate sales but it definitely works. This is more of a short-term strategy for your first few weeks on Instagram for getting followers, it’s not a long-term one.

A Curate and reliable Instagram visual

When you create your profile you should be very clear in your mind about what you’re going to present. Actually, everyone has to do something extraordinary to prove himself. Your followers must be eager to know exactly what to expect and why they are following you. So, you must be crystal clear about your target audience, be a consistent and active influencer, and take enough time to plan out the look of your Instagram feed before posting.

Consistency in your posts will forcefully enhance your followers; because they think the future content you’ll post will be alike. When you have created a bullfinch fan page, and every day you post cute little birdie pictures and videos without delays and Instagram users continue seeing your posts, they will get to know about your consistency. So they hit the “Follow” button with the expectation that you’ll always post adorable little birdie content. If you can deliver that consistency with every post, you will notice a smooth growth in your followers on Instagram at a faster rate over time.

Use Instagram Story Highlights for your brand

Instagram story highlights is a perfect feature to introduce your possible followers to what your page is all about! You can launch your product or brand as a movie trailer by using this highlight feature for the improvement of your business. It’s an opportunity to encourage new followers with your best content you have been posting and make them conscious about what they suppose and what your brand is all about. This feature has another plus point that you can even make sales straight from your profile with people who aren’t even following you.

An eye-catching Instagram Bio

The most under-utilized feature of Instagram is the Instagram bio, but on the other hand, it’s the most essential feature. It is a really hard fact to come up with the perfect description of what you do and why should people follow you. Your bio should be attention-grabbing, instead of adding everything about you, try to focus on the target audience and think of how your profile will help them. Your bio must be very clear, whether it’s telling your followers to shop your product in the link below, subscribe to your email list, or to buy tickets for your event. You can also create an “about” Instagram stories highlight to introduce yourself and let your new followers get to know you better.

Promote your Instagram on Buzz Feed

Buzz feed sets in as much as Instagram posts into their content as no other one. You need to promote your account on Buzz feed in order to get the massive audience. Buzz feed has a Community section where anyone can post their own content onto their platform with their guidelines. If you think Buzz feed is not right for your niche, then don’t worry, here is another tool called “HARO” where you can get emails three times a day filled with reporters who are looking to get content and expert quotes for their stories. Most of them allow a website to post social links. So here is a good opportunity you can hit two targets with one shot by getting a link to your store and Instagram account.

Hack Your Instagram Stories for More Exposure

It’s true, Instagram stories will be the key to engage with your followers and for staying on top of their mind. Instagram stories appear on the explore page, which means that people who don’t even follow you can still find and watch your stories. If they like what they see, they might even hit the follow button! This is another great reason to try to have an active Instagram story up at all times. Most Instagram geo-locations and hashtags have their own stories attached to them too. This feature can be more popular in the coming years as Instagram users get more comfortable with watching and creating stories.

There are two ways to get your story to appear in a public Instagram story;

  • Add a hashtag to your Instagram story
  • Add a location to your Instagram story

Get descriptive with your captions

A picture is worth a thousand words, but you cannot skip words completely! Many pages and brands are great at using their storytelling techniques with their Instagram photos that create engagement and sharing. Fashion trends, animal circles, cuisines or whatever is the niche, Instagram has everything.

Partner with another Brand

If it’s your learning phase of how to get followers on Instagram, let me share another trick with you. You can take photos of your product and instead of reposting other people’s posts, you can have a partner who is already surrounded by a huge number of followers. When your photos are seen by the followers of that page, the credit of the photo goes directly to you as you are mentioned in their caption. In this way, you can have a few new Instagram followers attracted from their audience. The audience will search you out by themselves.

In the beginning, it is hardest to get followers on Instagram. Once you’re nearly targeted the 10,000 followers you will need to continue using some or all of the strategies discussed above. Maybe, posting on Instagram three times a day every day of the week will help you develop your name in the market. and you will have achieved an Instagram following you can be proud of!

Some people also Buy Instagram Followers but if you buy Instagram likes or followers from an unprofessional seller who uses the fake methods to provide these services then it can really harm your Instagram account.

How to download your Instagram account data

Either you want to delete your Instagram account or change it, you would need to download all of your data including messages, photos, stories & other account data. (You can download single Instagram video  or picture by using this tool:

but if you haven’t done it before it can be a difficult job to do so. Well, I am here to show you a few steps through which downloading all your data can be easily done.

It’s the same as downloading your data from Facebook profile. So if you’ve ever downloaded your data from facebook, it could be really easy for you to download Instagram account data.

Here’s how it works. You will have to send a request to Instagram to allow you to download all your Instagram data and you will get an email from Instagram Team after a while in which all of your data would be available in an archive file.

Let’s get started.

1. Open this link into your web browser:

PS: For the alternative method, Login to your Instagram profile on the web, then click on your profile picture in the upper right corner. After that, click on the cog icon next to your username. and then choose Privacy & Security from the menu list. Finally, click on the button “Request Download” under the headline of “Data Download”.

2. It would ask you to provide the email address where you want to receive the download link of your data.

3. Now, you’ll have to enter your Instagram password to Request the Password

How to download Instagram account data 002

After requesting for backup of data it would take some time to complete the process. Instagram shows you the message to confirm that Instagram is busy creating the backup of the things you have shared on Instagram over time. It can take up to 48 hours to prepare and collect your account data (depends on your data).

How to download Instagram account data

4) Now you’ll have to wait. Instagram will send you a message regarding the download link. Click on the Download Data in the email. Below is the screenshot from the email.

5) You shall land on the confirmation page. Click Download Data to proceed.

This download link will be available only for the next four days.

After successfully downloading the file, open your downloads folder. You’ll see a zip file there. Open the zip file to unpack the archive.

After unpacking the archive, open the folder. In the folder, you will see many sub-folders which contain all your data. Below is the screenshot of all the sub-folders.

This is how you can download all of your Instagram account data. We’ve written some more piece of content on our blog related to Downloading Instagram videos on pc. CHECK IT OUT.

How to Download Instagram videos on PC

As we all know, Instagram users are increasing on a daily basis and its issues are increasing as well. One of the biggest issues Instagram users are facing right now is to Download Instagram videos on PC or MAC because Instagram doesn’t provide any option to save Instagram videos into your mobile or desktop devices.

That’s when people start searching for the solution to download Instagram videos so they may download their favorite videos into their collection. Because there are times when you like some videos so much and want them to be in your collection.

There are numerous methods available online for downloading Instagram videos, but in this content, we are going to cover the source code method.

Download Instagram videos on PC

Now, this method is a little technical but it’s the only safe way especially if you don’t trust any third party software or app. Because while downloading videos from third-party services or software they usually save your downloaded video into their server for different purposes (just so you know Downloader4Insta doesn’t save any of your downloaded videos or pictures on the server). So, if you don’t want anyone to know about your downloaded videos this is the right way to stay safe.

So, if you don’t want anyone to know about your downloaded videos this is the right way to do so.

Here’s how it works: You can inspect the source code of the video page and get the download link from there.

  • Right-click on the video that you want to download and select Inspect Element. Depending on your browser the name could be different, like View page source in Firefox.

inspect elements of Instagram video

  • Now press Ctrl + F keys to open Find option and once its open type “.mp4” in it.
  • The search will open up a section of code. Here, copy the link next to src=(the link ends with .mp4).

Video link in the Instagram Inspect element

  • Paste this link in the new tab and the video will start playing. You can then right-click and select Save video as to download the video.

save video as


That’s it. Congratulations! You’ve downloaded your first Instagram video from your pc or mac.

Now to be honest this method can be really painful because you’d have to go through quite some steps to Download Instagram videos on PC or MAC.

So, if you feel like this method isn’t for you then you can always change your downloading method because I mentioned earlier that there are uncountable methods for downloading Instagram videos.