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Most Powerful Traders on Instagram

Most powerfull Traders on instagram

It happens in the past that Social media has broken into the world of finance along with the help of some traders. Now traders are using the Instagram platform to share information and insights on the Forex trading. Trading started date back to the prehistoric times. It has emerged since the man starts painting objects on the walls of caves. The man realized that in exchange for a spare flint axe he could have a new arrowhead. Moreover, it all just started in a way.

As time passes, the rules and strategies for trading keep on revolving. They tend to use different sort of currencies as well as platforms for a better approach. There is a specific list of the most traded currencies that are used all over the world. Instagram on the other side, has a substantial visual appeal, which is available for you to explain everything about trading. You can interpret complex analyses of charts and economic releases updates. Although, plenty of Forex and CFD brokers are available in the market, however, not everyone is legit. Forex and CFD brokers include UFX,,, Everfx, and much more.

Before getting connects with any of the brokers, you must read reviews of each broker. Also, make sure you are considering a reputable source for reading reviews. Here you can read UFX review, review, etc. Just like other fields, Forex trading also has made its name in the world of Instagram. People have made different campaigns over the platform to spread awareness and to gather insights into other fields.

Hashtag (#) is the most prominent feature and frequently used on Instagram. You may have seen it along with each post in your news feed. People have made separate profiles with the names of Forex trading terms. These include #trading, #tradingexperts, #UFX, and more.

Let’s have a look at traders on Instagram who are benefitting Forex traders around the globe.

  • Samuel and Co Trading (@samuelandcotrading)
  • Millionaire Mentor (@millionaire_mentor)
  • Trade4Wealth (@trade4wealth)
  • Forexgoldtrader (@forexgoldtrader)
  • Gustine Samuel (@gustinesamuel)
  • Howard McNally (@mt_howardmcnally)
  • Astroforex (@astroforex)
  • EFX (@everything_fx)
  • Enigma (@shaunfxlee)
  • Reuben Singh (@singhreuben)

Well, these traders are using the Instagram platform to provide benefit to all the Forex traders in the world. You must now have a more clear idea of the link between Instagram and Forex trading. Instagram is a huge platform with deep roots, and it has grabbed almost every field.

Instagram Photo Downloader

Why Should You Use Instagram Photo Downloader?

What does Instagram mean?

Instagram is a well-known photo sharing free application and social network platform. Your every post appears on the Instagram feeds of your followers, and your public posts can be seen while tagging with hashtags or geotags. Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012 and allowed users to post photos and videos.

You can edit photos to upload and short videos as well by using your mobile app. You can add captions to all of your posts along with hashtag and geotags to direct those posts. Within the app, you can make them searchable by other users. You are also allowed to make your profile private so that only your followers can view your posts.

Just like other social media platforms, Instagram users can hit like, add a comment on and bookmark the posts of others. Besides, you can also send messages privately to your friends by using the Instagram Direct feature. Not only Instagram, but you can share photos and videos other than Instagram, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Tumbler.

How Many People Use Instagram?

According to the statistics of June 2018, it was discovered that mostly mobile photo-sharing network had grabbed 1 billion monthly active users. It was upgraded from 800 million in September 2017. Now the app is considered as one of the trendiest social media platforms these days.

Instagram was launched in 2010, and the hashtag feature was added in 2011. As Instagram keeps on progressing, it was launched on Android in 2012. In 2013, Instagram introduced the functionality of video sharing, direct launches, and sponsored posts debut.

Boomerang launch was made in 2015, and next year in 2016, Instagram redesign its feed and gets an app. Most importantly, it launches the feature of Instagram stories, live video functionality, and Instagram desktop launches. IGTV was introduced in 2018, and it keeps on growing day by day.

Although it has 1 billion monthly users, and 500 active users appear on a daily basis as well.

Can I Download Photos From Instagram?

Instagram is succeeding all the way, and it allows you to post photos and videos to share them with your friends, family, and followers. When you see photos of your friends or some followers, a question may arise in your mind, “Can I download photos from Instagram”?

Well, systematically you cannot download Instagram photos directly from the platform. On the other hand, logically yes you can download a Instagram photo with the help of third-party sources. These sources include online platforms such as Instagram photo and video downloader, or sometimes you may solve your query by installing an app such as photo downloader Instagram apps.

Can You Download Photos From Instagram using Instagram Photo Downloader?

You already know the answer to this question as I mentioned above you can use third-party sources that can be used as Instagram photo downloader.

  1. Find the image on Instagram you want to download on your Android device.
  2. By tapping three dots located above the picture, select the “Copy Link.”
  3. Next, you have to visit Downloader4insta’s website and paste the link on the box.
  4. Now tap on the “Download” button, your image will appear in front of you.

Downloader4insta is the best Insta photo downloader for you to download an Instagram photo. You can use this platform without fear of losing your personal information or account hacking. Usually, people tend to seek the most reliable and secure ways to make Instagram download photos and video possible. In this regard, even a fake service provider may have trapped you, whereas photo downloader Instagram (Downloader4insta) has the maximum safety.

Instagram Photo and Video Downloader

If you feel online sources safe to use as an Instagram downloader photo and video than almost certainly you can avail the Downloader4insta. On the other hand, if you don’t prefer to get attached with online Instagram photo downloader, then you can turn towards applications. However, to download a Instagram photo with any app, you still need an internet connection. You cannot use any Instagram photo and video downloader app offline.

Does Instagram Compress Photos?

Yes, of course, not only Instagram but also each social media platform cut down the size of an image or video without reducing the quality. However, sometimes when you are using an Instagram photo downloader to save any photo, then you may have seen that the image or video quality loses.

With Downloader4insta, you can save the quality of your images while downloading them from Instagram.

Not only at the time of using Instagram downloader photo, even when you are uploading a photo or video on any platform, but you may also have seen quality drop. So, you should always post photos or videos that are made with DSLR cameras or other heavy lens formulas. Cutting down the size of your image without crushing the quality is called image compression. It makes you able to have more storage space on your memory disk.

Bottom Line

Undoubtedly, to download a Instagram photo, you need Instagram photo downloader, which is safe and reliable at the same time.

download instagram photos

Why is Instagram the best Social Media App?

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a free app that introduces plenty of features for entertainment, socializing, and for business purposes. You can share photos, videos, and other types of content with your friends, family, and followers. Not only sharing pictures and videos, but Instagram has lots of other features as well. When a popular app comes into sight, everyone asks what the purpose of this app is? Well, if millions of users are on a site or an app, there must be some great reason behind it. So let’s check out why people use Instagram.

Instagram is actually a worth billion dollars to Facebook, so definitely there must be something good for users. Facebook actually owns Instagram and now made it available for both iPhone and Android users. Instagram just like Twitter uses a model of followers. Well, it’s easy to find your friends on Facebook and Twitter and follow them on Instagram. However, it has its own user accounts. Photos themselves are a way to find new friends and followers on Instagram.

The purpose of Instagram is as many as taking photos and finding new images. Instagram needs you to make an account before you start experiencing the app. You can even sign up with your Facebook account or by email address. Just username and password is required for this purpose. After finishing the making of account process, you may be asked if you want to follow your friends who are already on Instagram in your Facebook network. It depends upon you to do it right away or hit later to do it after some time.

Well, customizing your profile is always a good idea, and you can do this by adding your name, photo, impressive bio and a website link of yours if you have any. To follow people and make them follow you back, they need to know everything about you. Each user profile has a button to follow, and you can tap on it. You cannot follow others, if the profile set to private, and to follow you need to send a request and then wait for approval.

The most common question in the world of Instagram social media network is:

Can I download Instagram photos?

A question must be arising in your mind whether you can download Instagram photos and videos or not. So the answer is yes, you can download Instagram photos on your device.

If you have a computer or Android device, you can browse by typing Select the image that you want to save and copy the link. Now open the Instagram pics downloader page and paste the link in the field box. Press the download button and keep the photo at your desired location.

Well, undoubtedly it is the best way to download Instagram photos and videos safely and quickly. Today, Downloader4insta is a well-known image downloader for Instagram, which you can use practically to download Instagram videos and photos more effectively. How to Download Instagram videos and photos?

How to download Instagram videos and photos on your Android device

  • You must be having the Instagram app on your device, sign in to your account.
  • Find the photo that you want to download on your device.
  • Open your browser and type on the address bar.
  • Select the “Copy Link” option and paste the link into the field box.
  • Click on the Download button and your image downloader for Instagram will start proceeding.

Although you have to walk on a few steps to download Instagram photos and videos, however, you will get benefit out of it for sure. To get something worthy you have to struggle and you will get success gradually.

How to Save Instagram Stories on Android Phones

how to save instagram stories

What is Instagram Stories?

How to save Instagram stories? Instagram Stories is a feature within the Instagram app that lets you capture and post images or videos. Based on your daily lifestyle you can add a story to your Instagram profile that vanishes away after 24 hours.

Stories allow the addition of text, drawings, and emoticons to images or short video clips.

Instagram Stories feature launched in August 2016 and criticized at the beginning for being similar to the Snap chat story feature. In both platforms, content is available for only 24 hours, after that the story will be gone and cannot be viewed again.

Purpose of Instagram Stories

You can see Instagram Stories on the top bar of your news feed and all Instagram accounts are able to share stories in the form of videos, photos or text. The Profile photo will have a colorful ring around it when there would be something new to see in stories.

How to Save Instagram Stories

Stories are becoming a huge part in almost all social media platforms. Facebook introduced their stories in 2018 as well as WhatsApp but it all started from Snapchat and Instagram. Recently YouTube Introduced Stories as well because Stories are the right way to keep your contacts updated by sharing your daily lifestyle with them.

How to Save Instagram Stories?

The most asked question of those who love to post new stories on their Instagram accounts but couldn’t find interesting stories. Thus, they decide to download Instagram stories from other users and use as their own.


How to Save Instagram Stories

With the growing popularity of stories feature, you may be strolling to find several ways to save story Instagram. Here you will see how to save Instagram stories on your phone, as it is possible to do with your iOS or Android devices.

How to save Instagram stories is the viral question these days. Everybody, including me, is looking for the answer of how to save Instagram stories on Android?

How to Save Instagram Stories

How to save Instagram stories on Android?

Open from your browser, at the top click on the Instagram Story Downloader page. After selecting the photo or video that you want to save, copy and paste the username in the field bar. Click on the download button and you will see all the stories posted under that username on the screen.

All done! Click on the photo or video and it will be saved in your device gallery. Now enjoy watching the story whenever you want. You can consider it as the finest solution to your query, how to save Instagram stories?

How to Download IG Stories on iPhone?

Another Method

How to Save Instagram Stories on Android?

How to Save Instagram Stories

For Android users the Story Saver app helps to download Instagram stories on your Android device. To save Instagram story, open the app and log in to your Instagram account. You can see all the stories on the main page and can search for other user stories as well in the search bar. Select the photo or video and tap on it to save. In the StorySaver folder, you can see the saved photo.

I hope you like these easy-going methods to download ig stories on your Android device. These methods are super easy to use for saving Instagram stories. Here you get finally the answer of your question; How to save Instagram stories. Try these methods and let us know how much you get the benefit of them. Stay connected!

How to Download Instagram Stories on PC-Desktop Computer

Download Instagram Stories

How to Download Instagram Stories??? A few years back, life was fun with Instagram. Now, with improved Instagram features life is extremely excited. Everyone is struggling to create an appealing profile, post, comments and STORIES on Instagram.

From 2016 and on wards, Instagram introduces a new feature of Stories on its own stage. By taken the idea of stories from Snapchat, Instagram grabbed the attention of a huge crowd. In fact, stories are now everywhere on your Smartphones, such as Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

Even though Instagram releases the Stories feature a long time ago, but again there’s no option to download Instagram stories. If you are in search of how to download Instagram stories on PC, then consider reading this article.

In search of best Instagram stories downloader, here you can find top story saver for Instagram. As you may know that Instagram stories disappear after 24 hours of posting, and to download Instagram stories on your PC, you can use these tricks.

Download Instagram Stories

Download Instagram Stories

To download Instagram stories you may rely on, as it is a highly effective, reliable, and safe source. It offers the well-managed and well-designed procedure to download Instagram stories.

Before scrolling down feed page, you see stories of different friends, family, and pages. Most of the time you like stories and for the later watch you want to download ig stories in your PC. However, unluckily, you find no option available to save Instagram stories.

By using a simple method, you can download Instagram stories from Follow these effortless steps to answer your query of how to download Instagram stories on PC.

  • Open your Instagram account from your PC browser.
  • Type in another tab and you will open the Instagram story downloader.
  • Now choose the story from your page that you want to save.
  • To download Instagram stories, copy the username of the story that you want to save.
  • Paste the username in the field bar of the downloader4insta site.
  • By pasting the username, you will be able to download all the stories posted by that user.
  • All set! You have successfully download Instagram story on your PC.
  • Now save it on your desired destination and enjoy watching it anytime.


If you want to download Instagram stories on your PC by using some tool, you can consider Storiesig. It is an awesome tool used to download Instagram story. Possibly, you can download ig stories that go live in standard .mp4 video format.

Download Instagram Stories

No browser extension needed for Instagram stories download. To find and save Instagram stories you need the only username. To start, go straight to the official website site of Storiesig and enter the username. By doing this you will see an account with the number of live stories.

By clicking on the profile picture, you can easily see and download Instagram stories.


This method is almost like the previous tool in terms of features and specifications. You need the only username to find all the live stories to download on your PC.

Download Instagram Stories

On the official website of Weinstag, you need to enter the username whom you want to download ig stories. Enter the username on the official website and click the download Instagram stories button.

After doing this you will be able to see all the stories under that username on your screen. To download click on the download button to save Instagram stories.

How to Download IG Stories on iPhone


It is quite a different tool than other mentioned tools. Here, the username is not required; you need the whole profile URL to find the present live stories.

Download Instagram Stories

However, it does not take much time; you can simply copy the whole URL in the URL bar of your browser. Once you get the profile URL, switch towards the official website of Zasasa.

In the bar, enter the URL and click on the Download button to save Instagram story. After doing this you can find all the stories in front of you on the screen.

Zasasa, Instagram stories downloader has a variety of resolutions to save Instagram stories. You can save in your desired format according to your needs. Other than the standard format will be .mp4.

I hope you get this information useful. Keep watching and enjoy downloading Instagram stories.

How to Download IG Stories on iPhone | iPad | Mac

download ig stories

Instagram stories have been rocking the platform since the feature get viral all around the world. You will be getting different ig stories all day. Usually, you want to download ig stories as you prefer for the later watch or you want to share with your friends and family.

Download IG Stories

Instagram stories share funny, useful, and effective information that exists for a shorter period. You want Instagram stories download in your camera roll when you like any. However, sadly no direct method introduced by Instagram itself.

Hence, you may be searching the Instagram stories downloader for your ig story download. Although, download ig stories is not that difficult task, whether you are using an iPhone, iPad, or Mac. To download ig stories you always have to use a third party source.

Well, there are applications that can assist you to save Instagram stories on your iPhone. Such as;


Get ready for Instagram stories download on your iPhone with a super easy method,

download ig stories When using the third party sources to download ig stories, Downloader4insta clicks in mind. All the other methods come after Downloader4insta, which is a highly useful source. It is not complicated and can quickly download ig stories in your iPhone.

Download IG Stories

  • At the first step, you have to open the Instagram story downloader. For this purpose, go to your Safari browser and type
  • Open your Instagram account and clear in mind when you want to download Instagram story.
  • Nothing more than a username you need to copy from the page of Instagram feed.
  • Paste the username on the field bar of Downloader4insta, Instagram story downloader.
  • After pasting the username, you will see all of the stories under that username.
  • When you want to download ig stories, just click on the story and press download button.

In this way, you will save Instagram stories in your iPhone.

Story Reposter

To download ig stories, Story Reposter is another app, that you can get from App Store to launch the app.

download ig stories

  • Once you finalize which ig story download you need, type the username in the search bar to download ig stories. Then select the exact username and a list of stories will appear in front of you, which include photos or videos.
  • Select the photo or video uses in the ig story to download.
  • Click on the Share button.
  • From the menu, select Save Image. The photo or video of a story will be saved in your camera roll.

Where Story Reposter benefits you, it also has some limitations as well. The Story Reposter only download ig stories, which are from the public profile. It’s good to know that you will not be able to download Instagram stories from any private profile.

If you are a jailbreak user, it will be easier for you to save Instagram stories. When downloading the Social Downloader twist that can incorporate into the Instagram app directly, and makes the entire exposure uncomplicated as well.

How to Download Instagram Stories on PC 

Chrome IG Story: Chrome Extension

To download ig stories, Chrome IG Story is an extension of Chrome that works as Instagram story downloader. You will be really happy to use this Chrome extension. Download the Chrome IG Story extension and log in to see all the stories from everyone you are following.

download ig stories

The Chrome IG Story enables you to search for the profiles as well. While seeing a story you will see a Download button in the toolbar. You just need to click on it, and the story photo or video will be directly saved in your download folder.

That’s it for now! I hope you will gain benefit from the above tricks and methods to download ig stories. Keep downloading and enjoying your Instagram stories!

how to download instagram photos on PC

How to Download Instagram Photos on PC-Desktop Computer

How to Download Instagram Photos on PC

How to download Instagram photos on PC is really an amazing query that you may want to solve. Instagram is definitely a highly accepted platform for sharing photos and videos all over the world. You can easily share lots of photos and videos on Instagram with your friend and family.

You can also search photos relevant to your needs and demands by using different #hashtags, Instagram stories and other features of the app. Well, you must be disappointed when you really want Instagram download photos on your PC or any other device.

To download Instagram videos and photos on your PC, third-party apps are required to download from the App Store. These third party apps really help you a lot in finding the solution of how to download Insta photos on PC. Some of the apps are annoying because they show different advertisements.

How to download Instagram photos on PC has some unique and reliable methods by using several Instagram downloader photo.

How to Download Instagram Photos on PC


Downloader4insta never need you to install any other software to download Instagram videos and photos. You are also safe to use this method while solving the query of how to download Instagram photos on PC.

how to download instagram photos on PC

When you are in search of the right Insta photo downloader, try this one;

  • Go to Instagram login page from your web browser on your PC.
  • Search for the photo that you want to download on your PC. click on the three dots and select “Go to Post”.
  • Next, you need to copy the URL of the image from the address bar of your web browser.
  • Open the page of the Downloader4insta website.
  • Enter the URL of the photo into the field bar with an auto-generated link of Instagram download photos and video.
  • On the next step, click the Download button and after that click on the Instagram Download Photos button, to save your desired image on the PC.


Seriously you have another amazing but quite complex looking method to solve the query of how to download Insta photos on PC easily.

Try this method if you are not scared of a little bit of coding. You can download Instagram videos and photos by using the Instagram download photos and video app itself on your desktop computer.

how to download instagram photos on PC

  • On the first step, you have to navigate to the website of Instagram.
  • Select the photo that is needed to be downloaded and click on it.
  • You can right click on the photo and select “open in new tab” for further processing.
  • Next, you have to right click on the photo and then click again on View Page Source or anything relevant to it.
  • By using control-f you can find the section which has “meta property” information into the search bar.
  • On this page, you will see a line included code that has <meta property=”on:image” at the beginning of the line.
  • Copy the link of the “content=” after tagging the meta property, and do it until you find a common photo extension particularly JPG or PNG.
  • Hit Enter after pasting the link into your browser address bar.
  • Now you will be directed to the page of the photo. Right click on the image and select the “Save Image As”, in order to download a Instagram photo.

Using the Page View Source Method 

No worries if you are not satisfied with the above methods of Instagram photo and video downloader. You can still try another useful method to download a Instagram photo. Definitely, you have an option of taking screenshots but you have to make them edit and renaming is also required.

Try this easy and simple Insta photo downloader to download Instagram videos and photos.

Download Instagram Photos

At first go to the internet browser, it can be any, and type your Instagram username after the For instance, if your ID is “blobyblo” then you should write just like this

Now you will see your Instagram account and find the photo that you want to download a Instagram photo on your pc.

Download Instagram Photos

Click on the photo that you need to save on your pc!

Download Instagram Photos

After you click on the photo, you will see comments on the left side of the photo and likes on the right side.

Download Instagram Photos

Right click on the photo and you will get to know that you don’t have any option to download Insta photo on your pc. You can click on “View Page Source” instead.

Download Instagram Photos

Whoa! What did you see? Well, do not be surprised. This is the result of your View Page source command. In this page, you will find your desired photo that you want to save on your pc.

Download Instagram Photos

Kindly, put ⌘ (command) + F to find the function. By using this command, you can find specific texts on the page. Please type “jpg” without adding quotes.

Download Instagram Photos

By doing this you will see lots of text is highlighted in your source page. Moreover, at the very first point, you have to highlight the jpg text.

Download Instagram Photos

Drag out the whole URL, which has the “jpg” text in it.

Copy the URL that has the first “jpg” text in it.

Download Instagram Photos

Now paste your URL on the address bar of your web browser and hit ENTER!

Download Instagram Photos

Congratulations! You download a Instagram photo by using this method.

Download Instagram Photos

Next step is common, as you already know what to do. Click on the “Save Image As” option to save your picture.

Download Instagram Photos

That’s it! Enjoy download Instagram videos and photos with this simple method.

Another Method 

Here is another useful method available for you to download Instagram photos on your PC desktop computer. First of all, you have to install Free Instagram photo and video downloader on your PC. After completing the installation method, open the application.

You are not required to sign in or sign up for Instagram download photos and video on your PC. Just a simple installation and downloading will start.

The next step needs you to Input the User Name button and then you have to type the account name of Instagram in the pop-up menu and click on OK button.

You can see the thumbnails will appear within the application of each photo that user has uploaded.

These were some of the most remarkable methods to download Instagram photos by using different Instagram photo downloader. You must try it and share it.

How to Download Instagram Photos on iPhone-iPad or Mac

How to Download Instagram Photos on iPhone

How to download Instagram photos on iPhone or any other device is never that easy. But, now you can quickly download Instagram videos and photos on your mobile by following some easy steps.

Instagram is a photo and video sharing app which is well-accepted all over the world and among all ages. You can see tons of images on the Instagram while scrolling down the page. What happens when you need Instagram download photos and video on your iPhone?

There can be certain situations when Instagram is the only source to save a particular photo. Maybe you captured a photo by using the Instagram in-app camera and you forgot to save that photo in your device gallery. How to download Insta photo on iPhone basically has alternatives by using third-party apps.

Sometimes, the photo deleted by chance and now there is only one way to save the photo and that is Instagram. In such cases, people search for the Instagram photo downloader to solve their query of how to download Instagram videos and photos on iPhone or any other device?

Whatever the reason is, but till now you cannot avail Instagram download photos and video facility directly by the Instagram team. All you have to do is lending help from third-party apps as Instagram photo downloader.

Well, Instagram recently has introduced a new feature to download Instagram videos and photos and all of your data with some limited approach. Instagram also has their own copyright policy to save and share photos & videos.

How to download Instagram Photos on iPhone


You are not required to download any software for Downloader4insta and this method is less risky to download Insta photos on your iPhone, Mac or iPad. Downloader4insta is capable to use with desktop computers and mobile devices as well.

how to download instagram photos on PC


  • First of all, you have to open the Instagram app and select the photo that you want to download.
  • Next, you are required to click on three dots located at the top right side of the post. You will see a popup menu and select “copy link”.
  • Go to the website of Downloader4insta, and enter the URL that you have copied from the Instagram in the field.
  • Click on the Download button and click the button of Download Picture to download a Instagram photo.

Another Method for Saving an Instagram Photo

How to Download Instagram Photos on iPhone

  • How to download Insta photo on iPhone has another alternative for you. At first, open the Instagram app and find the photo that you want to download on your iPhone or iPad camera roll.
  • Next, click on three dots on the upper right corner of the post and pick Copy Share URL.
  • Go to Safari and paste the link, go to the URL that you have copied and long press the photo you want to save and click on Copy.
  • Next, open the Notes app and make a new note, long press on it to paste the photo and tap on the Share button. Now tap on Save Image and go to camera roll. You successfully download Insta photo in your iPhone.

Download Instagram Photos via URL 

Finding the best photo downloader Instagram is difficult but not impossible at all. Well, it’s quite tricky to download photos for Instagram on your iPhone-iPad or Mac. You can definitely download a Instagram Photo by using the URL method.

It is an accepted and tested solution to download Instagram videos and photos. It’s not that hard and works perfectly fine. Here’s how to download photos on Instagram using URL bar:

  • Open Instagram and scroll down to find the download Insta Photo.
  • Click on the three dots that you can see at the top right side of your screen.
  • Select the Copy Share URL option.

photos instagram download

  • Open Safari browser from your iPhone, paste and go to the URL you’ve just copied to download Insta photo.
  •  Open notes and start writing a new one.
  •  Long press on the note to paste the picture.
  •  Select the ‘share’ button

photos instagram download

  • Tap on save the image to download a Instagram photo.
  •  Your image is now saved in your camera roll.

As you already know that it’s not an easy job but it definitely works. you may find it cumbersome method but Instagram download photos and video needs an iPhone user to be a little persistent for the process.

Try this method yourself, and once you’ve been through the process sometimes it will be another nature.


First of all, you have to download the Regrammer app as an Instagram photo downloader. In the Instagram app search for the photo you want to download, you will see three dots at the upper right corner of the post and select the Copy Link.

Next, you have to launch the application and, paste the link into the box that you have just copied. hit the Preview button and click on the Repost button.

There will be an option More, you need to click on it. You will see a Share sheet and from that point, you can have Instagram download photos to your Camera Roll.

I hope these alternatives for how to download Instagram photos on iPhone will be really helpful and useful for you. Must try and share them!

Again, with all these amazing tools available on the market, Instagram automation helps users automate and save time!

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