How to Download Instagram Stories on PC-Desktop Computer

Download Instagram Stories

How to Download Instagram Stories??? A few years back, life was fun with Instagram. Now, with improved Instagram features life is extremely excited. Everyone is struggling to create an appealing profile, post, comments and STORIES on Instagram.

From 2016 and on wards, Instagram introduces a new feature of Stories on its own stage. By taken the idea of stories from Snapchat, Instagram grabbed the attention of a huge crowd. In fact, stories are now everywhere on your Smartphones, such as Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

Even though Instagram releases the Stories feature a long time ago, but again there’s no option to download Instagram stories. If you are in search of how to download Instagram stories on PC, then consider reading this article.

In search of best Instagram stories downloader, here you can find top story saver for Instagram. As you may know that Instagram stories disappear after 24 hours of posting, and to download Instagram stories on your PC, you can use these tricks.

Download Instagram Stories

Download Instagram Stories

To download Instagram stories you may rely on, as it is a highly effective, reliable, and safe source. It offers the well-managed and well-designed procedure to download Instagram stories.

Before scrolling down feed page, you see stories of different friends, family, and pages. Most of the time you like stories and for the later watch you want to download ig stories in your PC. However, unluckily, you find no option available to save Instagram stories.

By using a simple method, you can download Instagram stories from Follow these effortless steps to answer your query of how to download Instagram stories on PC.

  • Open your Instagram account from your PC browser.
  • Type in another tab and you will open the Instagram story downloader.
  • Now choose the story from your page that you want to save.
  • To download Instagram stories, copy the username of the story that you want to save.
  • Paste the username in the field bar of the downloader4insta site.
  • By pasting the username, you will be able to download all the stories posted by that user.
  • All set! You have successfully download Instagram story on your PC.
  • Now save it on your desired destination and enjoy watching it anytime.


If you want to download Instagram stories on your PC by using some tool, you can consider Storiesig. It is an awesome tool used to download Instagram story. Possibly, you can download ig stories that go live in standard .mp4 video format.

Download Instagram Stories

No browser extension needed for Instagram stories download. To find and save Instagram stories you need the only username. To start, go straight to the official website site of Storiesig and enter the username. By doing this you will see an account with the number of live stories.

By clicking on the profile picture, you can easily see and download Instagram stories.


This method is almost like the previous tool in terms of features and specifications. You need the only username to find all the live stories to download on your PC.

Download Instagram Stories

On the official website of Weinstag, you need to enter the username whom you want to download ig stories. Enter the username on the official website and click the download Instagram stories button.

After doing this you will be able to see all the stories under that username on your screen. To download click on the download button to save Instagram stories.

How to Download IG Stories on iPhone


It is quite a different tool than other mentioned tools. Here, the username is not required; you need the whole profile URL to find the present live stories.

Download Instagram Stories

However, it does not take much time; you can simply copy the whole URL in the URL bar of your browser. Once you get the profile URL, switch towards the official website of Zasasa.

In the bar, enter the URL and click on the Download button to save Instagram story. After doing this you can find all the stories in front of you on the screen.

Zasasa, Instagram stories downloader has a variety of resolutions to save Instagram stories. You can save in your desired format according to your needs. Other than the standard format will be .mp4.

I hope you get this information useful. Keep watching and enjoy downloading Instagram stories.

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