How to Save Instagram Stories on Android Phones

how to save instagram stories

What is Instagram Stories?

How to save Instagram stories? Instagram Stories is a feature within the Instagram app that lets you capture and post images or videos. Based on your daily lifestyle you can add a story to your Instagram profile that vanishes away after 24 hours.

Stories allow the addition of text, drawings, and emoticons to images or short video clips.

Instagram Stories feature launched in August 2016 and criticized at the beginning for being similar to the Snap chat story feature. In both platforms, content is available for only 24 hours, after that the story will be gone and cannot be viewed again.

Purpose of Instagram Stories

You can see Instagram Stories on the top bar of your news feed and all Instagram accounts are able to share stories in the form of videos, photos or text. The Profile photo will have a colorful ring around it when there would be something new to see in stories.

How to Save Instagram Stories

Stories are becoming a huge part in almost all social media platforms. Facebook introduced their stories in 2018 as well as WhatsApp but it all started from Snapchat and Instagram. Recently YouTube Introduced Stories as well because Stories are the right way to keep your contacts updated by sharing your daily lifestyle with them.

How to Save Instagram Stories?

The most asked question of those who love to post new stories on their Instagram accounts but couldn’t find interesting stories. Thus, they decide to download Instagram stories from other users and use as their own.


How to Save Instagram Stories

With the growing popularity of stories feature, you may be strolling to find several ways to save story Instagram. Here you will see how to save Instagram stories on your phone, as it is possible to do with your iOS or Android devices.

How to save Instagram stories is the viral question these days. Everybody, including me, is looking for the answer of how to save Instagram stories on Android?

How to Save Instagram Stories

How to save Instagram stories on Android?

Open from your browser, at the top click on the Instagram Story Downloader page. After selecting the photo or video that you want to save, copy and paste the username in the field bar. Click on the download button and you will see all the stories posted under that username on the screen.

All done! Click on the photo or video and it will be saved in your device gallery. Now enjoy watching the story whenever you want. You can consider it as the finest solution to your query, how to save Instagram stories?

How to Download IG Stories on iPhone?

Another Method

How to Save Instagram Stories on Android?

How to Save Instagram Stories

For Android users the Story Saver app helps to download Instagram stories on your Android device. To save Instagram story, open the app and log in to your Instagram account. You can see all the stories on the main page and can search for other user stories as well in the search bar. Select the photo or video and tap on it to save. In the StorySaver folder, you can see the saved photo.

I hope you like these easy-going methods to download ig stories on your Android device. These methods are super easy to use for saving Instagram stories. Here you get finally the answer of your question; How to save Instagram stories. Try these methods and let us know how much you get the benefit of them. Stay connected!

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