How to Download Instagram Photos on Android

How to Download Instagram Photos on Android

Just like other social media platforms, Instagram is used as the most favorite platform. Social media network uses Instagram as the most popular platform in the whole world. Entertainment and fun is the basic element of Instagram, as it has images and videos. Now, if you are thinking about how to download Instagram photos on Android?

Well, the answer you will get in this article. While scrolling down the page you see lots of images that you want to download. Unfortunately, Instagram does not provide you the answer of how to download Insta photos on Android. Instagram download photos directly from Instagram is not possible. Images on Instagram while scrolling down the page you can see only when you have an internet connection. What if you want to see your favorite images when don’t have internet facility available.  So, you can cover the query of how to download Instagram photos on Android with the help of Insta photo downloader easily.

Guide: How to Download Instagram Photos on Android

However, several ways are available that can be used as photo downloader Instagram to download a Instagram photo that explains how to download Instagram photos on Android. Get your favorite images on your mobile or even on your computer.


You are not required to download any third software or application with Downloader4insta. To download Instagram videos and photos on your Android was never that easy before this revolutionary method. Don’t worry, you are fully safe to use Downloader4insta to download Insta photos on your Android. When you want to know how to download Instagram photos on Android, follow these steps.

how to download instagram photos on Android

When you are looking the best way for Instagram download photos, you should try these steps;

  • First of all, you have to log in your Instagram account on your Android device.
  • Next, you need to find the photo on Instagram that you want to download on your Android.
  • Once you found the photo, click on three dots that you can see at the upper right corner of the post.
  • By clicking on three dots you will see a pop-up menu and that’s where you need to copy the URL of the image.
  • When you click on the Copy URL, you will successfully get the address of the photo from the Instagram.
  • Now, open the browser and go to Downloader4insta website.
  • Paste the URL of the photo that you have copied from the pop-up menu.
  • On the website page, you will see an address bar where you are required to paste the copied link of the photo.
  • Click on the Download button and you will successfully download Instagram photo in your Android gallery.

Nothing to worry about your safety while you are working with this Instagram downloader photo to download a Instagram photo on your Android.

It is an amazing Instagram photo downloader and can be easily accessed by anyone. is the fine answer to your question, how to download Insta photos on Android. With the help of simple and easy steps, instagram download photos and video can be done without any difficulty. One of the best ways to have back up and download a Instagram photo from Instagram is

How to Download Instagram Photos on Android

Without having any stressful procedures you can easily get photos from Instagram. You can experience the importance of this method while using it. Just follow the easy steps:

  1. Search the on Google

Open your browser and type “Download user Instagram photo” in the search bar of Google. Among other searches, you need to select

  1. Start searching the photo you want to download

After selecting the site, search for the photo you want to download. Copy and paste the URL of the photo in the site. It will analyze and find your favorite photo. Now you can save it on your Android phone.

Saving An Instagram Photo App

How to download Insta photos on Android has another effective solution. With the help of saving an Instagram photo app, you are allowed to Instagram download photos and videos which are unable to download.

How to Download Instagram Photos on Android

EasyDownloader is one of the useful ways to download Insta photos on Android by following quick steps. The steps are as follows:

  • Download EasyDownloader app on your device.
  • Open the app and go to settings, enable download mode.
  • Open Instagram by using the icon located at the top right of the screen of the app.
  • You will see three dots on the Instagram app. The photo you want to download will have three dots located under that photo. By clicking on dots you have to select “Copy Share URL”.
  • Paste the copied URL on the search bar and click on the download button. Your photo will save in your gallery after clicking the download button.

Facebook Messenger for Downloading Photos on Android

Once you decided which photo you want to download, click on three dots that you can see on the top right corner of the Instagram page.

How to Download Instagram Photos on Android

  • By clicking on dots you can see a pop-up menu, select “Copy Share URL”.
  •  In this way, your photo will be copied to your clipboard and you can paste whenever you want.
  • Now open Facebook Messenger app and search for the “Repost Bot”. It is just like you search for some of your friends on the Facebook page.
  • The Instagram downloader photo allows you to now paste the Instagram share URL that you have copied. Click on “Send” button.
  • The bottom right-hand side of the screen, tap on the “Download” button. In this way, your desired photo will be saved into your device or computer.
  • This photo downloader Instagram is useful for your Instagram download photos and video curiosity.

How to Download Instagram Videos on Android

To summarize the topic how to download Instagram photos on Android, all the above methods are worth using. Keep enjoying your images and videos on Instagram by using the Instagram photo and video downloader.

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