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instagram photo downloader app

Instagram is no doubt a huge platform for sharing photos and videos these days. While scrolling down the page on Instagram you may have seen, some content, which is attractive, and you want to save in your gallery or on the desktop. To download photos you must be searching for the Instagram photo downloader apps or other ways to download a Instagram photo.

As you already know that Instagram does not have any direct method to download a Instagram photo. However, huge ranges of third-party apps are available to download Instagram videos and photos. Here you will see a list of best Instagram photo and video downloader methods for your iOS, Android, and PC desktop. You are free to choose from them, as you like.

Instagram Photo Downloader Apps


instagram photo downloader app

Before going to Instagram photo downloader apps, let me tell you an authentic and super easy process for Instagram download photos and videos. Downloader4Insta is an amazing Instagram photo downloader, although it is not an application, still, it works like wonders. I am mentioning this method for those who really don’t like to rely on third-party apps, as they pose security risks.

So, let’s get started with this Instagram downloader photo source.

  • At first, log in to your Instagram account through your device and select the photo to download.
  • Later you need to open up your browser and type
  • Click on three dots appeared at the top right corner of the photo, you would see a pop-up menu.
  • Select the Copy link and go to your browser where you have already opened the Downlaoder4Insta website.
  • Paste the link in the field bar of the website and click on the Download button.
  • Your downloading of the photo will be done instantly.

This photo downloader Instagram is as simple as you blink your eyes.

Repostly for iOS

instagram photo downloader app


iPhone users also need Instagram downloader photo for Instagram download photos and videos, then Repostly works. Repostly is an easy-going app used as an Instagram photo and video downloader. You can now repost your photos by photo downloader Instagram apps.

Just copy the URL of the photo and paste the link in Repostly app and that’s it.

The photo or video is ready to repost on your Instagram account.

Each Instagram photo downloader app no doubt has its own different methods and strategies to download a Instagram photo.

How to Download Instagram Photos on PC 

FastSave for Android

instagram photo downloader app

FastSave is one of the excellent Instagram photo downloader apps, which allows the Android users for Instagram download photos and videos in their device. The FastSave is free and instant Instagram photo and video downloader app. When you download a Instagram photo you can enjoy watching it offline anytime.

Once you have done with Instagram download photos and videos you can even repost them. Unlike other Instagram photo downloader apps, it uses some different strategy to download a Instagram photo.

You can save multiple photos with FastSave Instagram downloader photo app. FastSave as a quick photo downloader Instagram allows you to view saved files in the bar located at the top of the screen. FastSave insta photo downloader also provides the fast speed of downloading. Insta photo downloader has amazingly designed control panel to manage saved files.

You can see your saved photos in a slideshow with this Instagram photo and video downloader app. Plus point of this Instagram photo downloader app is secret locker to hide your photos.

It was a short descriptive session of writing to acknowledge the audience about best Instagram photo downloader apps. Undoubtedly, insta photo downloader apps are infinite and used widely all across the globe. People are going crazy for Instagram photo and video downloader apps and other online methods.

Try to follow the instructions of each Instagram photo downloader app and choose whatever you like.

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